Can You Spot the Plot?

These past few months have been a whirlwind of ideas coming from all different places. I’ve been wanting to share what I have developed but finding time has been crazy.  So now is the time to start catching up.

First up: Spot the Plot Bulletin Board


This bulletin board is based on the book Spot the Plot by J. Patrick Lewis.   Spot the Plot provides poem and picture clues from which to guess different books such MadelinePinocchio, and Wizard of Oz.   The stories are a pretty mainstream but requires some thinking to determine them.  Since it is a great interactive read aloud,  I thought it would make a great interactive bulletin board [ I was right 🙂 ]


I choose five stories (Wizard of OzPeter RabbitCharlotte’s Web, CinderellaClick Clack Moo), a mix of ones they may know and lesser known ones for some grades.   I used the Copier’s scanner function (scans two pages as one image), Print Shop (poster printing to make larger) and color pencils to make the images. There were also additional clip art clues around the outside.


Below the bulletin board was a copy of each book along with an extra book.  Each image/poem was given a number and each book below a letter.


During book time, students had the opportunity to try to match the clues and the book.  I left the bulletin board up for almost a month to give students time to complete it if they desired.  Students 2nd-4th grade were able to fill out a slip.  At the end of the month I pulled 15 slips that had all five books correct and they won an  “Extra Book Coupon” (one time use only).

The students had a great time figuring out the clues. I plan on doing this again next year with different books.

Tip: Do not let the book circulate during that month, the answers are in the back of the book.

Have fun!


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