Newsletter: Issue 3

The main literary focus for this Kordek’s Korner is Chris Van Allsburg.  Originally it was because he has two good fall stories (The Widow’s Broom and The Stranger) but it later changed with the upcoming release (Oct 25, 2011) of his new book Chronicles of Harris Burdick (Amazon).  This books is a collection of stories based on the illustrations from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick written by renowned authors (Kate DiCamillo, Louis Sachar, Jon Scieszka, Lemony Snicket, Stephen King, and many more).

In past years I have done a unit on Chris Van Allsburg, covering a variety of his books such as The Wretched Stone and The Sweetest Fig.  I ended the unit having the class write a story based on one of the images in The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.  As we went around the room each student could only write one line.  The classes made some very interesting stories.

To help promote the upcoming release both the New Yorker and Hough Mifflin Harcourt are having contests based on the Harris Burdick books.  Look for a possible future posting about one of these contests (The wheels are spinning).

PS. If you can’t tell I like his books as well as excited for the book to come out 🙂

Enjoy the newsletter!


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