Doodling is Exonerated!

Doodling has been exonerated!  My doodles on the sides of notes and papers have a purpose!

I found the purpose of doodles watching a TED talk by Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!  I came across this video when reading  Free Technology for Teacher  and Langwitches.

Doodles have always been thought of as pointless and without value.  Sunni Brown states otherwise.  She sees them as a tool to help us process information.  I like how she defines to doodle (Below).

I find that I doodle when I am thinking or when I am in a meeting just listening such as at a staff meeting or in-services.   Doodling helps me keep my focus on what is being said even when I am on overload or distracted by other items.   If you ever look at any teachers notes there is always a small drawing or doodle somewhere, even if it is just making letters different.

In high school, one of the best experiences I had with note-taking was when I took notes in a web graphic organizer format.  I drew different lines, shapes, and pictures to connect my information.   My notebook looked liked a mess at the end of every class but when taking assessments I could visualize them and follow the information in my head quickly and easily.  If I remember correctly I still have that notebook some where because I enjoyed doing it so much.  Langwitches did something similar with her students.

If doodling allows for individuals to process information more completely, why are we not encouraging our students doodle more?


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