Kordek’s Korner: Newsletter

Another item I am going to do to share information  besides writing on this blog  is to write a newsletter for my building.  The newsletter is a quick way for me to share information with my colleagues in a manner that will not add any additional work or time into their day.

Currently I am going to try (keyword try) to make this a biweekly newsletter.  When I finished the first edition I thought I might be able to do it weekly, I haven’t even started the second one and debating about making it monthly instead.  I am going to give doing a biweekly edition a good old fashion try before I decided about how often it is going to be published.  The reason I originally decided on biweekly is that there are so many resources and I want to make teacher aware of them in a timely manner to their lessons and curriculum but I don’t want it to overwhelm me or them either.  So for now it will be biweekly.

I want to keep the newsletter to one page (front and back) so it is a quick read. The main focus is technology and literature.  Sometimes there will be a variety of small recommendations that go along with curriculum or what I think teachers should be aware of.  Other times there may be a focus to the issue such as a curriculum topic, specific technology, or all literature.  (Already have some issues brewing in my head.)


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