It is true the longer you teach the easier some things get but the more you want to do.  I find as I start this year that items I struggled with when I started are getting much easier.  I am able to easily plan lessons, choose books, and determine the order to teach lessons.  I know the teacher’s curriculum better and can start predicting when they are going to need certain materials.  I am starting new initiatives such as mystery teacher readers, mystery student readers, library clubs, and Science Fair (Yes it is the odd ball item but I love it).

But as these items get easier,  I started noticed things I am not doing.  I have noticed that through my scavenging through blogs, attending workshops, and reading articles that I have a wealth of knowledge to share but no way to share it.   That is how this blog has came to be.

It has taken me a few months to finally start this blog.  One factor was time but the silliest item that had me stuck was the blog title.  I could not find one that made me excited or motivated to start until the start of this school year.  Sometimes the simplest items are our largest stumbling blocks.  I overcome my hurdles and excited to start.

This blog is a way for me to start share my findings and musing with my fellow colleagues and anyone who happens across my blog.  I will be posting about projects/activities I do with my students, technology I use or teachers can use, and just general library musings.

My long term goal to develop connections through Professional Learning Networks (PLN) so I can share what I know and learn from others.  This is just my first baby step into all that is out there to explore who I am, who I can be, and what I can still learn.  Wish me luck!


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